Green Solutions

leadsafeIf you are interested in becoming an active participant in what has become a national phenomenon known as "The Green Movement," Virginia Roofing Corporation has many roofing options to share with you. Presently, building owners and property managers are renovating buildings to gain LEED points, in turn they receive tax credits. These renovations usually consist of motion sensors for lighting, restriction devices on utility controls conserving electricity, natural gas, and water.

However, unless your roof is well insulated and/or have the proper roofing material, all these savings could literally be escaping through your roof.

Virginia Roofing Corporation is currently holding FREE "Energy Efficient Roofing" presentations that can be held at your requested location. If you are interested in "Green Solutions" that save the environment, while decreasing the amount of energy that could escape through your roof, call Virginia Roofing Corporation for more details. Such ENERGY EFFICIENT ROOFING options are: Black vs. White membrane; additional insulation to achieve a desired R-Value; and the Carlisle "Dry-Lite" Skylight.

Call Virginia Roofing Corporation TOLL FREE at 1 (800) 827-6632 and ask to speak with Bob Grimmett, President. Or "Request a QUOTE" below.

Statistics show that building owners who incorporate polyiso insulation into their building’s overall envelope design can reduce expenditures for energy throughout the life of their roof. Due to its superior R-values and excellent energy efficiency, Carlisle’s polyiso insulation has become a popular choice among contractors and building owners.

When used in conjunction with photosensor or light-dimming controls, DryLight can provide significant energy savings by reducing the use of artificial lighting, minimizing peak electrical loads and reducing overall operating costs. Because of its eco-friendly characteristics, DryLight can significantly contribute toward LEED® credit requirements in three categories.

Roof Membrane Color’s Impact on Energy Consumption. With energy costs constantly on the rise and with many concerns of environmental degradation and global warming, Carlisle has retained the services of a certified energy manager (Mr. Randal Koller, P.E. (Pennsylvania) to analyze assemblies with various insulation levels and different colored membranes to assess their efficiency and environmental impact.')


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