Custom Sheet Metal

Using 24 Gauge Pre-Finished Steel, our in-house VARCO Shop fabricated these interlocking pans, used on a flush-panel roof screen, and installed by Virginia Roofing Corp.


Using 18 Gauge Hot Rolled Carbon Steel, our VARCO Shop “Custom Engineered” this entire bi-level heavy duty reception desk. Designed with mitered supports, adding strength and character, while allowing spring-loaded symmetrical glass panels to stand-alone.


Using 24 Gauge Pre-Finished Steel, these Box Gutters were fabricated in 10 ft sections using the VARCO Shop “Roper Whitney” Automated Brake.


Working for The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, Virginia Roofing Corp installed a Carlisle-SynTech EPDM roofing system, along with a complex PAC-CLAD multi-layer floating barrel metal roof system. These metal pans were 30 plus feet in length and rolled-off pan formed on-site to create an arched pan, then hoisted up to the roof deck. This project had 800 squares of EPDM over 22 areas as well as 200 square of radius metal roofing.


New Construction

Gables Residential, Takoma Park, Md. Virginia Roofing Corporation was awarded this new roof installation by Gables Construction. A Carlisle-SynTech Reinforced Sure-Weld (white) TPO roofing system was installed on the roof of this Green Building, with an enhanced design that was created to save energy. This project was completed in December 2008.


National Harbor, Prince Georges County, Md. Virginia Roofing Corporation was awarded this new construction project providing a quality commercial ballasted roof system for Buildings OJO and OMO. A Carlisle-SynTech\®\ EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) roofing system was installed on the buildings using Fast 100 Adhesive applied with a Predator spray rig machine. Due to challenging high wind gusts, every safety precaution was taken along with careful planning as both buildings are located on waterfront property.


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