Preventative Maintenence

Experienced as a Carlisle "Authorized Applicator" for nearly forty (40) years,Virginia Roofing Corporation is staffed with experienced Estimators that are able to assist you with any situation regarding roofing issues. Our company highly recommends that a "Preventive Maintenance Plan" be established to avoid serious roofing problems that could otherwise arise unexpectedly. Standard services consist of the following:

  • Periodic roof inspections will be conducted to ensure the roofing system is performing as intended.
  • Following the inspection, the Estimator will generate a detailed "Proposed Roof Maintenance Plan" that contains an evaluation of the roofing system, recommended repairs to the membrane or structure, if applicable, and corresponding photos will be included.
  • Immediate repair(s) will be made to roof components not covered by the manufacturer's warranty (i.e.) pitch pockets, pipe-seals, termination bars, counter-flashings.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you allow us to assist you in protecting your investment.

Call our TOLL FREE Line at 1 (800) 827-6632 and ask for a Preventive Maintenance Estimator or Request a QUOTE.

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